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Collaborating with WHO in support of planning towards UHC in Iran

In recent years, the call for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has resonated around the globe, with nations acknowledging the need for accessible and quality healthcare for all. Leading this charge in Iran is the Iranian Health Insurance Office (IHIO), which, with a collaboration with the WHO Country Office and the support of Scenarium, has embarked on a transformative journey.

Scenarium, partnering with the Iranian WHO Country Office, crafted a work plan for the IHIO, a blueprint that outlined critical areas for institutional enhancement, aligning Iran’s healthcare systems and structures with global best practices.

To ensure that the IHIO was equipped with the best knowledge and strategies, an international network of health experts was initiated. Germany became a learning ground for the IHIO. In 2019, Scenarium organized a comprehensive study tour was organized, allowing IHIO representatives to deep dive into the intricacies of the German health framework. The delegation visited a spectrum of health insurance funds, associations, and key entities within the German self-governance system. Furthermore, they had the privilege to sit down for insightful discussions with representatives of Germany’s health industry, providing a holistic understanding of how a successful health system functions.

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