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About Scenarium Group

About us

Scenarium Group GmbH is an international strategy and policy consultancy in the field of health and social protection with an emphasis on health economics, financing and access to health care. The company was founded in 2013 and has its base in Berlin, Germany. It serves clients around the globe with expertise, passion, flexibility and commitment.

We offer services in the areas of policy, analysis, strategy, evaluation and training. Our approach is guided by expert analysis based on multidisciplinary research that bridges theory with practice and spans academic, multilateral, corporate and government settings.

Michael Thiede

Dr. Michael Thiede

Founder and Director

Michael has a proven track record as successful manager and senior executive in corporate research, consulting, and academia. He draws on more than 25 years of research and consultancy in health systems and policy, global health, and social protection. He has worked with and advised leading development organisations, including UN bodies, NGOs, government agencies and private sector enterprises since the 1990s and has conducted projects in the health and social sectors of over 20 countries.

Michael is also a Professor of Healthcare Management at the IU International University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Kiel, Germany, and an MSc in Information Systems and Technology from the University of Liverpool, UK.

Our Mission

Scenarium provides research-based policy and strategy consulting in the field of global health and social protection with explicit emphasis on the principles of equity, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Our Vision

Through the passion, commitment and expertise of its people, Scenarium strives to become the leading policy and strategy consultancy for global health and social protection. Central are the provision of services based on innovative thinking, excellence, efficiency and rigorous ethical principles and the creation of long-term collaborations with clients, staff and partners.

Our Mindset

Openness, fairness, integrity, and a collaborative spirit lie at the heart of Scenarium’s relationships with clients and partners: governments, bilateral and multilateral development agencies as well as private and civil society organisations.


Co-authored by Scenarium founder Michael Thiede