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Local Vaccine Production in Ghana: Paving the Future with Strategic Pricing

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In the face of a changing global landscape and the lessons taught by the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgency for self-sufficiency in vaccine production has never been clearer. Ghana, with its forward-looking vision, is embarking on a transformative journey, as the country prepares to independently finance their vaccine needs by 2027.

We are proud to support the Ghanaian Ministry of Health in their endeavours, on behalf of GIZ. Our consultancy delves deep into the intricacies of pharmaceutical pricing mechanisms in Ghana. We’re committed to a meticulous collection of data on mark-ups, as well as a holistic review of levies, taxes, and duties influencing the pharmaceutical sector. At the core of our mission lies the evaluation of the Ministry of Health’s Pricing Strategy, shaping the bedrock for a renewed and informed policy evolution.

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