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Evaluation of health programme in Tanzania

The ‘Tanzanian-German Programme to Support Health’ (TGPSH) of GIZ has been working towards strengthening the country’s health system since 2003. Led by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the programme contributes to the implementation of the country’s health care reform in collaboration with other development partners through the promotion of capacity building in the following areas:

  1. Social protection and health financing,
  2. Decentralised health governance,
  3. Quality of health services,
  4. Partnerships with the private sector,
  5. Cooperation with civil society organisations.

As a specialist in social protection and health financing, Scenarium provided their expertise during the evaluation of TGPSH at the end of the programme phase as well as the concurrent appraisal and development of the programme framework for the follow-on activities.

As part of the exercise we identified the critical steps to be taken in supporting the country’s strategy towards universal health coverage (UHC).

Dr. Michael Thiede has been providing excellent advice to the GIZ supported ‘Tanzanian – German Programme to Support Health’ in the field of social health protection and health financing. His objective and precise evaluations of the programme have been based on sound academic knowledge on state of the art concepts and approaches as well as research results and lessons learned from other country’s experiences.  His technical recommendations truly made a difference to the design of the programme and its success.

Dr. Susanne Grimm, Programme Manager TGPSH, GIZ

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